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Consultant with experience and a fresh view gets a suiting identity

VPR Consultants operates on a strategical and practical level, connecting content, processes and relations covering the spatial economical domain. With the right balance between experience, expertise and fresh views from high potentials, they are able to professionally downsize complicated assignments to clear decision-making information. 

It was our job to use our experience, expertise and fresh view in brand strategy & identity development for VPR Consultants by developing a completely new identity!


VPR Consultants was founded by Ron Voskuilen and Bert van Eekelen, professionals with a lot of experience. This experience was a clear outcome of the Shaker Session as a core value, but without loosing the refreshing input of young-professionals.


Connecting the diverse variables by VPRC inside the spatial economical domain is translated in the identity by designing a monogram, based on the connected letters VPR.


VPR Consultants is active inside the physical public space. This can be seen as an important style element. This spaciousness comes back in the logo, by the use of depth and overlap of the lines in the monogram.


Giving direction to processes and professionally downsizing complicated assignments to clear decision making information comes alive in the logo by using graphical paths that form the letters VPR. The path is leading to the plus via the diagonal.

The plus

Adding value is the most important job for VPR Consultants. This can be done by searching for cooperations with clients and partners and by using their mathematical expertise. The plus in the identity stands for the cooperating aspect and can be red as VPR Consultants + ‘client/partner name’. It is the style element for complicated assignments.


The way of working at VPR Consultants is represented by the diagonal, from operational to strategical. This is a supportingn style element in the identity that shows all the aspects of the field where VPR Consultants is active. 

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A solution for everything

"NCP always thinks along, comes up with creative ideas and has a solution for everything"

Ron Voskuilen - founder of VPR Consultants

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