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Orange with that extra bit of flair

Kroon Festival is a festival organized on Kingsday, located just underneath the Erasmus bridge. Put your sunglasses on, order a drink, and chill while enjoying the beats of Sam Feldt, Cleavage and many more. Enjoy the view with your friends and make your Kingsday a day to remember!


In the past years Kingsday Festival Rotterdam was organised at the same location. To give the festival more of an own identitiy, it was best to rename the festival and give it a new style.


The key words that suit the design are; openness, low key, relaxed and party. Kroon’s concept can be described as: a relaxed experience with good music, in the heart of your city!


There has been chosen for more different colours than just orange. Because of the colour orange, turning into a deep purple, the poster gets more recognizable and has a real party feeling. The colour green gives the design a fresh balance and gives a certain depth to the designs.


Next to the royal elements, elements of the location are used as well, by designing illustrations of objects that are typical Rotterdam, like the White House and the harbour of Rotterdam.

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NCP thinks along and is actively involved

"Nieuw Creatief Peil thinks along from the beginning till the end and is actively involved through their creative ideas and designs."

Joris Waller - Chairman Kroon Festival 2016

Building towards a strong strategy & identity

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