Shaker Session

A strong brand from the start

Strong brands are built with a clear and advised strategy at the core. The Shaker Session is a creative workshop during which we help brands to (re-)position themselves in a powerful manner. It is a quick, effective method resulting in new insights and practical tips.

The Shaker Session is a method we have developed ourselves. It consists of two separate workshops and a presentation of our findings. Prior to the first two meetings we ask you to fill out a short questionnaire revolving around your brand, after which the real work begins. Shaker Session #1 consists of a 2-hour creative brainstorm during which we thoroughly analyse your brand’s fundamentals (the core values, mission and vision). During Shaker Session #2 we analyse the message you would like to get across, your operating environment and target audience and what you would like to accomplish a year from now. Through this way we can determine challenges, that are possibly in your way to accomplish these goals. 

Together, we shine a new light on your brand and ‘shake’ your beliefs right out of you. With the help of the Brand Canvas© we define the in’s, out’s and challenges of the brand. Perhaps the strategy requires fine tuning, perhaps the brand identity doesn’t fit the brief anymore or perhaps your sales and marketing plans are not in tune.

Turning research into action
Following Shaker Session #2 our strategists and creatives are off to work to produce valuable practical advise, which is presented during the last appointment. Occasionally companies seek to use the Shaker Session on its own, for example as a bi-annual evaluation. More often though the Shaker Session represents the starting point of long-term collaboration with Nieuw Creatief Peil. Are we going ahead with the outcomes from the workshops? Then we can commit to focussing on graphic design, the development of online marketing and content, interior design to project management.  

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