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Brand positioning

What are you about and what’s your goal?

We want to know who you are, who your target audience is and how you wish to reach them. That may sound simple, but to hit the nail on the head, is often trickier than we imagine. To position your brand with conviction, is to make choices towards building a unique brand. We help you define and fine tune your mission, vision and core values, after which we advice on how to put them into practice. From brand positioning and identity, to strategy, offline- and online communication. A good start could be a workshop, such as our Shaker Session.

Would you like to get started with positioning your brand too? Reach out to us (no strings attached), we love to help you!

Brand identity

We design your brand

Because what you appear to be and what you want to say, should be who you are. The set of graphic elements that visualise your brand, is known as the brand identity. Think a logo, fonts, patterns and colour palette. Take a look at the brand identity we developed for Delft’s number one coffee bar Kek.

Graphic design and printed matters

We appreciate smart and graphic solutions in quality printed materials. From classics such as the business card and stationery, through to books, brochures and banners. Our service starts from the actual graphic design to advice and guidance on print work and everything in between.

Interior design

The interior of an office, restaurant or store is an important component of the brand experience. A first-class interior design concept, in which the identity of the brand forms the core, has a positive effect on the overall brand experience. We bring brands to life with interior design; from the first sketch to completion, as we did for Danone Holland at its Utrecht-based headquarters.



A website forms the core of your brand’s online communication. Though this gateway you are able to inform your target audiences, interact with them and foster trust and confidence. Whether it is a basic responsive website or widespread content platform, we will do everything in our power to match the functionality, content and design of the website to your brand and online marketing objectives. A great example is the website of restaurant, wine bar, deli and coffee bar East57 deden.

Online marketing

Next to a website the application of SEO, social media and a digital newsletter are among others essential online marketing tools. Content and context are key: it is all about sharing information via the proper channel at the proper time. Together we optimise the online positioning of your brand and review the most rewarding marketing channels to your brand.


Once the brand positioning, identity and ambitions are in place, you are good to go, with a concrete plan setting out your brand strategy to set you off the in the right direction. What are you going to do and what are you not going to do? At when? And why? In other words, what will your brand’s long-term strategy look like?

As an entrepreneur you outline certain objectives for your business, your brand and the marketing of your brand. To reach these business and brand goals we draw up a plan together specifying the activities and internal allocation of duties. Like Eisenhower once said: “Plans are nothing, planning is everything”. Hence the reason why after the initial draft of the plan, we guide you step by step through the execution of the project. In weekly (or monthly) meetings, we work with you to bring out the best in your brand.

What’s on your brand’s agenda this year? We love to think alongside you!