Who we are

Nieuw Creatief Peil is a team of young, creative and strategic professionals.

Together we work at the interface where brand strategy and design meet. This is how we discover and develop strong brands. We love Rotterdam, cycling, Bram’s fries, the Sambalman, girls who wink, men who are men, table tennis, crêpes and Giraffe coffee.

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Our core values

Be bright

It is how we observe, what we see and how we respond that makes us different. This translates into our designs as well as our strategy. From project management that fits the brief to being an honest partner willing to challenge our clients. A sharp-eyed approach provides a powerful view that leads to striking plans and designs.

Let’s create

We believe in making something out of nothing and adding a little more. We do so focussed on graphic design as well as being conscious of a brand’s strategic objectives.

Always surprise

At Nieuw Creatief Peil we create to surprise. Whether it is a logo or strategic marketing plan; only a mind-blowing result survives the cut.

Be “groos”

A favourite from the Rotterdam dictionary, ‘groos’ means proud and happy. The word reminds us to tackle the challenges coming our way to our absolute best, making Rotterdam stand tall. We are proud of our work, our clients, our team and the city of Rotterdam.